British Dragon Anastrozole

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British Dragon EU Anastrozole
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anastrozole 1mg tablets

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The drug is most common on the market under the trade name “Anastrozole”, which also is its main active component. The peculiarity of this drug lies in its ability very rapidly and effectively neutralize the activity of estrogen in the male body.

buy anastrozole online , from Pharmacom Labs would be a reasonable solution, because the drug is able to neutralize 80 to 90 percent of estrogen in the body. This allows you to be confident that pursuing steroid course based on aromatotherapy drugs you will not develop estrogenopodobnoe side effects.


Most often the drug is take in case of occurrence of first signs of estrogenic “side effects”. In this case, take the drug in a dose of 0.25-1mg a day until the manifestations of these “side effects”. Also, the drug can be use to rate to prophylaxis (10-14 days, in therapeutic doses).

On a course of steroids this drug is use after delivery of the analysis on the estradiol level. If the rate of estradiol is elevate, the drug is use at 0.25-0.5 milligrams at intervals of a day or two. After seven days the analysis is reprate. If the rate of estradiol is normal, the drug is takeing according to the same scheme. If the rate of estradiol is still elevate, then increases the frequency of administration (every day) or dosage. To reduce the rate of estradiol is below normal it is impossible.


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