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Many of you ask us “how do our kids get their hands on steroids”?  Who sells them?

With this in mind, I thought I’d share a “press release” that was issued this morning by a company in the UK. Â I’ve struck out the name of the company and their web site, but if you read this press release, you will quickly see just one of MANY sources where our kids can get their hands on these illegal drugs.

Injectable steroids for sale
Injectable steroids are the most popular group of glucocorticosteroid drugs. Includes hormonal medications in the form of an aqueous or oily injection solution (esters). According to statistics, more than 90{16cc5804135c8ecb8e468504dc571ac47019710896f3ec1e0b9b253e2ee2d8f0} of the pharmaceutical products in this category are injectable, while only a small part is taken by oral.

Every athlete or bodybuilder has heard at least once in their life about the effects of these drugs. Their task is to increase the level of testosterone in the blood by prolonging the life of the androgen molecule. According to the instructions for use and the advice of specialists, it is recommended to introduce drugs into the target muscles, i.e. those for the growth and increase of which treatment is directed. Most of them are based on natural oils (peach, peanut) in which the testosterone molecules dissolve best, but the fat base has its minus – the injections are quite painful.
Despite the pain, athletes very often resort to the help of steroids in the struggle for a beautiful and sculpted figure. The popularity of injectable steroids is explained by such effects:

persistent and lasting effect, due to which treatment can be carried out less often;
the presence of a smooth anabolic background throughout the course of therapy.

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